Thai visa services for those wishing to stay long term in Bangkok And Next To Bangkok
※We Accept is OK for non-Japanese people

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【Business Visa】

〇Arranging of documents for Thai embassies and consulates 7000 baht
〇extension(If you already have a Business visa)  20,000 + actual cost 1,900

(please note)
Business visa extension applications are highly stringent.
If there is a problem, an additional fee may be required.





















If you want to work in Thailand, get a business visa (B visa) from the Thai Embassy or in Thailand.

​*Now, we do not recommend changing to a B visa in Thailand.
Because the Thai Embassy is cheaper, easier and faster.

*In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we are also accepting B visa switching within Thailand after visa exemption entry.


Next, after entering Thailand, apply for a work permit (work permit) at the local labor office where the company is located.



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*Normally, you will receive a residence permit for 3 months.

* If you need WP3 (advance application for work permit before entering Thailand), additional fee is required.

Click here for the required documents at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo ​


〇 If applying in Japan, apply at the embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over your current address. .

〇 To apply for a visa at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in Japan, you need to make an online reservation in advance.

〇 If you have a current valid visa, you cannot apply for a visa. Must cancel in advance.

〇A false application is permanently ineligible for application.


​About B visa

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●プーケット、チョンブリ、ラヨーン  10,620バーツ以上/月

●バンコク、、ノンタブリ、サムットプラカン  10,590バーツ以上/月

*Actual cost of 1,900 baht is required separately. In the case of neighboring prefectures, an additional charge will be applied.
Actual expenses such as registration certificate etc. are required separately. In addition, +2,000 baht is required for each branch.

​*If your passport has less than 1 year left in its validity period, you must first renew your passport and transfer your visa to a new one in Thailand before extending it.  

Visa transfer to new passport

* We also extend visas for representative offices, offices that can use one-stop centers such as BOI and IEAT.

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In October 2022, the Central Wage Commission will raise the minimum wage for Thai workers



●Phuket, Chonburi, Rayong 10,620 baht or more/month
● Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan 10,590 baht or more/month


ビジネスビザ (就労ビザ )
Business Visa (B Visa)