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📣 Announcing the latest visa relief measures on 7 April 2020


👮‍♂️ The person whose visas has expired from 26th of March 2020 will be automatically extended to 30th of April 2020. There is no need to apply for a visa extension at Immigration Office for this period and will not be fined THB 500 per day for this case.


👮‍♂️ Aliens who are due for 90 days reports between 26th of March 2020 and 30th of April 2020 are temporarily exempted from reporting in this period until further notice.


👮‍♂️Aliens who are holding Border Passes will be allowed to stay in Thailand for now. However, Aliens with Border Passes must depart Thailand within 7 days of the border crossing points opening date.


👮‍♂️Aliens are advised to follow announcements regarding Immigration measures closely for updates. (Currently measures announced until 30 April 2020 or further updates)

  • 4月8日、王国内の一部外国人の滞在に関する特例についての内務省告示が官報に掲載されました。

  • 2020年3月26日以降に滞在許可の期限が到来する全ての外国人について、査証の種類を問わず(査証免除により入国した者を含む)、3月26日から4月30日まで滞在期間を自動的に延長するとされています。また、同期間、入国管理局への90日毎の居住報告(90日レポート)も免除とされています。




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